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Traduction française en spoiler

Good afternoon!

Two new forum sections just opened for english-speaking players, come and join us! Click here if you need help or here if you want to have fun with other players!

As you might have noticed, the forum is mostly in French, this is because the game was created in France. But we are noticing more and more players from other countries all around the world. These new forum sections are here for English-speaking players, wherever they come from:

The cromimi game:

In this section, anyone can participate by clicking on "new topic". Here, you can meet new player by playing games, sharing your new cromimis, your cages, name ideas or anything else regarding the game. You can also leave your opinion about the game on this topic to help us make it better.

[Mutual help] I have a problem!!:

In this section, you can leave a message if you are encountering any problem, any bug or if you are stuck in the game. I will come and help you as fast as I can! You can also help others if you can!

About me: You can call me Lily, I am a new moderator and will take care of the whole english section on my own! I will do my best to answer as fast as I can and to help each and everyone of you as best as I can! I also made a few cromimis which you can find in the store (the pig and the plushes). /library/php/forum/views/smilies/smile.png

/!\ Before you post any message on this forum, please make sure you have read the community guidelines, thank you. Any message not respecting the rules will be deleted.

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Thank you! Thank you! thank you!

Merci, merci, merci!  /static/images/forum/smilies/coeur.gif

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Thanks a lot! This section will be helpful not only to native English speakers, but also to all the players from other countries who don't speak French but can get by in English /library/php/forum/views/smilies/smile.png Thank you!!

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Thank you. I've been trying to learn french so i can use the forums, but this is easier.  /static/images/forum/smilies/cromimi-coeur.gif

Je parle seulement anglais. J'utilise Goggle translate. Je suis désolé si je me trompe.

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/static/images/forum/smilies/bonbon.gif FFFFIINNNAALLLYYY
due most people dont understand french languaje easily or undestand in basic level,which the 100% of people  wheren are from non english speak country and no french speak country,they adopted  the english languaje like 2nd languaje to comunication,
my  native languaje is spanish but adopted  the english languaje like  2nd languaje since an decade even dont speak french im undestand little bit the french languaje due my native languaje and french are born  of latin languaje( ending"itus"tis" and such like that) and also are similar in some lyrics that why im try guess what saying in french or use translater for that

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